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What's In My Bag

Hey there fellow Disney fans! If you're headed to the parks, you're probably wondering what to pack in your park bag to make your day as enjoyable as possible. As a self-proclaimed Disney addict, I've got packing for the parks down to a science. Here are my must-have items for your Disney park bag:

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  1. Bag - First things first, you need a cute bag! Anything will do, but a Disney themed bag such as a Loungefly makes packing for the parks that much more fun! Just make sure that you have enough space to fit whatever essentials that YOU need.

  2. Refillable water bottle - It gets hot and humid in Florida, so staying hydrated is crucial. Bring a refillable water bottle and fill it up at the water fountains throughout the park, or ask for a free ice water at a quick service restaurant. You'll save money and reduce plastic waste at the same time. Pro tip! Bring a filtered water bottle. The water at Disney can taste a little funky!

  3. Snacks - Disney food is amazing, but it can get expensive. Pack some of your favorite snacks to munch on throughout the day, like trail mix, applesauce pouches, granola bars, or fruit. You can bring a small cooler, just make sure there is no loose ice (unless its secured in a ziplock bag).

  4. Sunscreen and sunglasses - Florida sun is no joke, so protect your skin and eyes with some sunscreen and shades. You'll be glad you did!

  5. Poncho or rain jacket - Florida weather can be unpredictable, so it's always a good idea to bring a lightweight poncho or rain jacket just in case. Disposable ponchos are very small and are nice to carry if you want something that doesn't take up much space. Just toss it in the trash when you're done with it!

  6. Portable charger - You'll be taking tons of photos and videos, and utilizing the Disney app A LOT, so make sure your phone is charged up and ready to go all day long. Bring a portable charger and a charging cable just in case.

  7. Hand sanitizer and wet wipes - With all the touching of ride handles, railings, and other surfaces, you'll want to keep your hands clean. Bring some hand sanitizer and wet wipes to keep germs at bay.

  8. Autograph book and pen - If you're planning to meet some of your favorite Disney characters, bring along an autograph book and pen/marker. You'll have a fun souvenir to take home and memories to cherish forever. You can also have characters sign more unique items like a hat, a Yeti water bottle (make sure to seal after), or even a picture frame mat!

  9. A hat or visor - Florida sun can be intense, so protect your face and scalp with a hat or visor. Bonus points if it's Disney-themed!

  10. A small first aid kit - Disney does have some first aid stations, but it doesn't hurt to have some bandaids and mole skin handy if you start to notice a blister! Or some pain reliever or dramamine if you feel like you need it!

  11. Pin lanyards - Do you enjoy pin trading? Don't forget your pins! There are pin trading stations all over the parks and resorts.

There you have it, folks! These items should cover all your basic needs and keep you comfortable and happy throughout your day at Disney. Now, go and have a magical time!

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